her studio
a female-led creative studio in los angeles

her studio

this is her.


A female-led creative studio in Los Angeles, CA

(that kicks major ass)

We lead by example. All the content we create (i.e. marketing campaigns, social media, videos, editorials) represent the community we live in. It’s 2019. We reject homogeneity. We also reject decaf coffee – c’mon. What is decaf’s purpose?

her studio houses the best artists - photographers, wardrobe stylists, set designers, prop stylists, hair and makeup artists, graphic designers, and beyond. Plus, we have resources for locations and diverse models of all colors and abilities. We work collaboratively, efficiently, and to the music of Lizzo.

So pretty much, we take care of your production, and sometimes the entirety of it.

Lucia Tran, former tween graphic designer/teen magazine editor/current publicist and producer/wannabe activist, is the official “her” in her studio. But she is just one of the many leading ladies in this company.

She likes to get shit done and get it done beautifully. She is passionate about representation in media and protecting humanity from evil political agendas. Also loves spreadsheets and sometimes dreams about them.

Currently, clients include: Alice + Ames, ARQ, Chasing Windmills, Kira Kids, Families Belong Together, Solly Baby, Storq, etc etc. Ask them for a testimonial. We’re sure they’d give a positive one, and we won’t even have to bribe.

While you’re still reading this, support her favorite organizations: Tiyya, Families Belong Together, Equality Now.

Want her to join you on your next campaign? Email!